Done to Rally America 2010 Specifications by TC Design

Stock steel Metro wheels with custom Ofensus bead reinforcements, powder-coated pearl white.

Front Suspension (under development)
Springs: Summit racing 12″ x 2.5″ 160 lbs/in.
Struts: V36-0104 customized by myself and John Vanlandingham (removed spring perch, shortened the body, moved bushings, added mounting tabs)
Added Bilstein coilover sleeves
Enlarged center hole on stock upper strut mount
Two thrust bearings (above and below strut mount): McMaster 5909K13 and 5909K73

Rear Suspension (under development)
Springs: ???
Struts: F4-V36-0066-H0, lower section shaved in a lathe to fit stock upright

6 bolt splined quick release (get a good one, this one rattles violently)
NRG Steering Wheel 320 mm

Rally Electronics
Rally Computer: Terratrip 1 retro (distance only, seems to be discontinued)
Intercom: Terratrip Clubman & Terratrip T045 headset

Cool Suits
Spare wheel tie down
Seats & Harnesses
Horn Mod


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